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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jimmie Johnson Wins and Gordon Takes His Helmet Off To Battle

When the dust settled after the last restart during Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway, it was the red Lowe's Chevrolet driven by Jimmie Johnson that crossed the finish line first.

That didn't really end up being the big story; after all, who cares if Jimmie Johnson won the race, he's not even in the chase!

The headline that stole the show was during that last restart, when Brad Keselowski put his foot-to- the-firewall, and squeezed his machine into a hole that looked like it was opening up.

Hell, this is fair game to any driver. Jeff Gordon came down on the 2 driven by Keselowski, they made contact, which ultimately cut the tire down on the 24 driven by Jeff Gordon. That sent Gordon spinning into the wall.

After the race, Gordon pulled onto pit road and approached Brad Keselowski's car. I give credit when credit's due, Jeff Gordon took his helmet off! He was so mad he took the helmet off to fight Brad, he never does that!

The two traded words (and here's where it gets interesting), Kevin Harvick, pushed Keselowski into Gordon, so he could heard what he was saying, and it was GAME ON!

Firsts started flying, it was an all-out brawl. When the dust settled, Brad was spitting out blood, and Gordon had a few scratches on him. Man Gordon's getting mean in his old age!


Stranger said...

So Harvick bumped Brad from behind. It happens all the time in NASCAR!

Anonymous said...

Go back in the woods and make moonshine you in-breaded POS."Firsts started flying"..."so he could heard what he was saying" was this originally done in crayon?

Stranger said...

I love it when the Anonymous tuff guys become "Manhoodless"

Anonymous said...

Gordon's barking up the wrong tree, he dumped himself!

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