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About Tony - Owner Of TheTunnelTurn.com

Welcome to TheTunnelTurn.com, as an avid race fan since 1989 I have been watching NASCAR for 22 years, and the first race I had attended was the 1994 Daytona 500.I was there in 1998 when Dale Earnhardt Sr. won the 500 over off turn 2 on the back stretch.

I must say after going to Daytona for 5 years in the 90s I was really hooked on racing. Who could ever say watching cars race and beat an bang at 200MPH is boring!

As a New Hampshire native I now attend both races at Louden Speedway. When you go to a NASCAR race you have to do it the right way, we typically bring the RV up days before the event and once were out of work on Friday it's off to Louden NH for three days of camping out and having fun with friends and family. This is what racing's all about!

I invite you to frequently check out the site and become our friend, by posting replies to our blogs, and also sharing it with friends and letting them know that we're around.

If you ever see us up at Louden pull up a chair by the fire, and introduce yourself you'll be greeted with great stories and perhaps a beer or two.

This is how we roll, over at TheTunnelTurn.com

Tony Marchand


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